Molded EPO

slope, thermal, motor-glider, multi-purpose


- minimal assembly time

- available with or without servos installed

- quick conversion from glider to motor & folding-prop arrangement

- wings separate for transport












 Owner's Manual


 Zulu Distributors:

 United States: Aloft Hobbies

 United Kingdom: HyperFlight & T9HobbySport

 Austrailia: Wowings






 Out of production EPP Zulu:


EPP (Expanded Polypropylene)

slope, multi-purpose



Wingspan: 48 in (1.2 meters)

Wing area: 472 (30.5

Aspect Ratio: 5.0

Typical Fling Weight: 11.5-13.0 oz (325-370 gm)

Wing Loading: 3.5 oz/sq.ft (10.7 gm/

Airfoils: Zup1060 & Zup1065



Zulu  XL (12" tip extensions)

- Flight Video

- Kit instructions (pdf)










- RC Groups Build Log

- Reviews

- Kit Instructions (pdf)

- Home-built EPP Pods


The EPP Zulu can be built with or without control surfaces along the leading edge, dubbed here as “drooperons”. The drooperons can be actuated by the same servo as the elevons, making setup fairly simple. With drooperons installed, the Zulu can reach a much higher lift coefficient, ~80%, before stalling, both right-side-up and inverted. This allows for tighter turns, loops, a lower sink-rate, and slower stall speed. The drooperons are also effective at increasing roll-rate, especially at low speeds. With drooperons, the Zulu is also more stable during the deep-stall maneuver, making landings and altitude control easier.  Disadvantages of installing the drooperons include higher drag from the extra control surface gap, increased build-time, and higher likelihood of breaking a servo during impact (although this is rare with metal-geared servos).