Power Pod

Video courtesy of KiwiKid on Vimeo.   Additional powered Z1 video: wmv or avi

A power pod can be  added to a standard Z1 fairly easily.  Many custom instillations have been made, or you can purchase one from our dealers.  There have been reports of a rapid pitch oscillation at high speeds (>90 mph).  We think this is occurring from flex in the elevon.  To increase torsional rigidity, a carbon tube can be glued into the elevon near the hinge axis.

The power pod that can be purchased on this site is made out of 1/32" high impact polystyrene and is secured to the top of the wing with Velcro.  The motor is attached with an aluminum "L" bracket that is held to the wing with four bolts.  There are many motor, speed control, battery,  propeller, and spinner combinations available.  Here are some options that might be useful as starting points in your selection:


If you are using the motor just to get the Z1 up for thermal flying, the motor below is fairly light and provides plenty of thrust (see video). 

400 Size Brushless Outrunner, 1200Kv  Cost: $20.00,  Weight: 1.7 oz  

30A Speed Control  Cost: $11.99



The maximum battery size that will fit in the pod is approximately 105 x 25 x 35 mm (similar to a Turnigy 2200mAh 3S Lipo Pack), although a battery this size would be very heavy.  A good compromise is a 3 cell 1000 to 1500 mAh pack.  The pack in the link below is nice because it is short and thick, allowing for more battery weight closer to the front of the wing.      Turnigy 1300 mAh pack  


Motor Bracket

A simple "'L" bracket can be ordered from this website, but you will need to drill your own mounting holes. 

Another option is to buy the 2" L bracket from this site.  You will need washers to spread out the load if you use the included 4-40 bolts.







Propeller and Spinner

There are many propeller and spinner options available for non-folding props.  An economical, non-folding propeller that works well with the 400 size brushless outrunner is  this 7x6 APC

Folding propellers and spinners are a little harder to find.  Make sure your propellers are for pusher configurations (reversed).

Spinner:  Aeronaut Spinners for Folding Propellers  Spinner Turbo 30/3/8 w/Yoke, HLAN725902

Propeller:  Aeronaut CAM Folding Propeller (Reversed)  8x5 Reverse Prop Blade